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Municipal and Urban Solid Waste Collection

JATAYU machines are built as comprehensive solutions for cleaning waste from age-old legacy garbage sites present in cities and towns as well as for daily waste removal.

We are committed to keeping the cities clean and safe

Sprucing Up the Country

Clean and well-maintained cities and municipalities are a keystone to a better and safer life. As cities grow, waste and litter start collecting, and waste management gets more difficult with further urban development. Municipalities are in constant need of an efficient and productive solution to optimize the process of solid waste management as a reflection of development and growth.

Jatayu Machines are designed to handle massive amounts of waste and are fully equipped to deliver India’s only truly contactless waste collection solutions.

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Legacy Waste

Accumulated over years, these neglected areas develop large amounts of waste. These sites are typically difficult to access, the garbage can easily run into 10+ tons per site, and the complexity of the garbage also can be high. 

Daily Waste

Waste generated every day often ends up being handled inefficiently. This creates a need for more manpower and equipment than are actually needed. Because the workload is high, picking up garbage from the ground or bins sometimes gets neglected and pseudo-garbage spots start to emerge. 

Garbage Vulnerable points (GVP) cleaning

Black spot cleaning

Legacy waste site remediation

Cleaning waste around overflowing garbage bins

Waste in abandoned lots and spaces

Waste collection in small lanes and by-lanes

Cleaning of market places

Cleaning of embankments

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