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India’s ONLY true

contactless garbage collection machine




The Jatayu Super series is a full-fledged package for mid-sized heavy-duty vacuum. The Super series is capable of reaching a 20 ft. distance with the help of a three-axis hydraulically controlled telescopic boom arm. A hydraulically adjustable 1.5 m3 Aluminum Hopper container is efficient in dumping the waste from a height of 6 ft.

An autonomous filter cleaning system makes the Super series skillful. All these features empower the user to accumulate and store large amounts of dust, garbage, or waste. The machinery is so smooth and trouble-free that helps the driver and the operator to collect two tons of waste every day without any restrictions.


Unmatched Performance and efficiency

Armed with hydraulic and telescopic technology for waste storage and collection, Jatayu Super increases productivity

Key Benefits

Engineered for an ergonomic experience

Designed to be user-friendly, Jatayu Super is an easy-to-operate machine that offers a smooth working experience to the user.

Fashioned to be powerful and all-consuming

Crafted specifically to suit Indian needs, Jatatyu Super is built with a remarkably strong and portable suction mechanism



Designed to tackle the challenges of a city, the Jatayu Super was conceived to be compact, powerful, and very maneuverable. It has a number of unique patent-pending technologies which make it the most advanced machine of its type.


Its compact and narrow form factor allows it to operate in traffic conditions and the boom can extend and collapse and cross cars to reach all parts of the road. Its built-in Aluminum hopper along with a Mitsubishi engine and a proprietary compact drivetrain configuration allows it to mount on LCVs and save fuel as well. 


Hydraulic Tipping

Jatayu Super is equipped with a hydraulically adjustable 1.5 m3 Aluminum Hopper container which has a load-bearing capacity of one ton. The tipping of the container makes the unloading of the garbage seamless. In other words, all the heavy-duty work will be performed without human interference.

Hydraulic tipping.jpeg
Spruce Up - Jatayu Super.jpeg

Key Specs

Boom Length



Type – 4-Cycle water-cooled diesel engine

Type of Garbage

Wet and Dry

Continuous operation hours

10 Hours

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