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The Original Jatayu. Industry-leading vacuum in a compact package.




A heavy-duty 20 HP diesel engine is the backbone of the compact yet powerful vacuum. The 0.4 cu.m litter bin bag provides an option to collect garbage, in large quantities. Due to the modular machine design, users have the flexibility to mount it on the trailer or on the small truck, or on the cart.

The machine is capable of delivering an extremely powerful and portable suction, regardless of the base vehicle. The detailed and robust machine construction makes it reliable and effortless to use. The small form factor belies its monstrously powerful vacuum which is capable of collecting even a full-sized coconut.


Lightweight and power-packed

With the significantly lower weight, Jatayu HD leading the industry in the weight category. 

Key Benefits

Built to be compact and convenient

A small-scale machine with a detailed design, Jatayu HD can easily be mounted on most cargo vehicles and trailers.

Fashioned to be powerful and all-consuming

Crafted specifically to suit Indian needs, Jatatyu HD is built with a remarkably strong and portable suction mechanism


Designed to tackle the challenges of the narrowest of streets and the densest of environments, the design philosophy behind the HD was to create the most powerful vacuum in the smallest footprint possible bar none.


Packaged in an extremely simple and easy-to-use box shape, the modular machine can be installed in a few hours on most cargo vehicles. With all the key elements of a good vacuum – great hose, good capacity, and great filtration – the HD can provide powerful airflow while keeping the budget in check.



With the significantly lighter weight, the machine is leading the industry in the weight category by setting an example. The lower-weight feature eases the mounting of the machinery on the small vehicle allowing the user to acquire more garbage load and absorb bare-minimum fuel.


Key Specs

Hose Length

18 ft


Type – 4-Cycle water-cooled diesel engine

Collection Type

Manual change reusable Ezee Bags

Continuous operation hours

10 Hours

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