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Interested in being a Dealer?

Spruce Up has achieved Pan India-level government sales with its strong in-house research and automation of corporate practices. 

Simply speaking, our products are the best in the world market. In this strongly growing competitive sector, we firmly stand with our partners to help them with full technical and market expertise. This makes distribution a highly profitable business for them. Come increase or diversify your business with us and enjoy the great experience.

Why this sector?

  • Evergreen Sector

  • Has tremendous funding from Government

  • Part of Smart Cities Mission

  • Part of Swachh Bharat Abhiyan

  • As infrastructure and prosperity are increasing, so is the need for top-notch cleanliness

  • Once a business is built, it enjoys moat and long-term advantages

Why JATAYU machines?

  • Best on-ground performance – see for yourself with a virtual demo

  • Best digital integration – you can seamlessly provide support and track the equipment

  • High differentiators – Easy to make and win tenders and convince clients why to buy this machine

  • Best margins – With high technology comes great margins, which won't erode for years to come

Why partner with Spruce Up?

  • Being a technology company, we offer high-profit margins

  • 6+ Year experience in the market

  • We have sold to Delhi, Chennai, Mumbai, Pune, and several other cities. We understand how this sector works and can guide you to achieve quick sales and profitability. 

  • We are a fast-growing company launching new models and applications every year. Once you partner with us, your business will keep growing year after year. 

Why do it now?

  • Post COVID increased focus on sanitation

  • Companies and civic bodies want less dependency on labor

  • Massive infrastructure growth is fuelling massive growth of maintenance services and the sector will witness multifold growth this decade

  • Large funds allocated

  • COVID has shown diversification and having high margin business with fewer overheads is critical in face of adverse economic and geopolitical conditions

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