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Are you a Facility Management Company or a Contractor?

Spruce Up has successfully created several high-value contracts with NGOs, Municipal Corporations, and Private Sector entities. Spruce Up is interested in partnering with companies in this domain to cater to the 1000+cr cleaning market, especially in the field of vacuum and litter collection. 

We are looking to work with the leading FMS and Municipal Services companies of India to create a network of operators who can provide our machines as a service to end clients. We can create custom projects for you as per your financial goals and jointly propose the same to your clients. 

Large Value Contracts

The Litter Picking industry is relatively nascent and Spruce Up is the leading player in this domain. High-value contracts can be generated with a small turnaround time and a high success rate with relative ease. Margins can be retained as it's not a commoditized market.


Add exposure to a relatively stable and growing sector with high margins and less competition. In today’s time, commoditized sectors get squeezed out of margins and make survival difficult. The litter-picking sector has a tremendous opportunity waiting to be exploited. 

Guided Project Support

With our experience, we have ready access to various types of tenders, service agreements, business plans, and models which we can use to guide you to create lucrative projects in a short span. When problems arise, we often know the best solutions which will preserve your margins and ease of execution. 

All regions serviced

We provide Pan India support and have deployments from Jamnagar to Nagaland and from Uttarkashi to Chennai. We can provide and generate contracts in the region of your choice and can also provide service support to ensure the successful execution of a project. 

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